Why paravan

Having a professional partner on the local market is a huge advantage

Negotiations with publishers

If you decide to start a campaign outside of the large advertising platforms, it’s imperative to have a strong partner with rich history of working with online publishers. Thanks to bulk orders from local media, Paravan has an excellent negotiating position.

Local insights

It’s very important for the global players to understand the specifics of smaller markets. We know the customer’s mentality and behavior and we speak their language. In marketing, such know-how is truly invaluable.

Rich network of connections

In business, connections are everything. Paravan stays in touch not only with top-notch specialists from web design and content marketing, but also with clients – your potential customers and suppliers.


  • Decodom
  • HotTub Shop
  • J&T Banka
  • Keepi
  • Medusa Group
  • Proxenta
  • Softip
  • Triad
  • YIT

Our team

We acquire knowledge

Certified by both Google and Etarget, we are constantly looking for new sources of knowledge. We take part in specialized lectures and keep in touch with webinars given by world market leaders.

We spread know-how

We’re not afraid to share our know-how, lecturing on conferences and helping educate both our clients and the academia.

We’re part of the Association of Digital Marketing Agencies

ADMA is a Slovak platform that connects digital agencies in pursuit of better adjustment and fulfilling of online marketing standards. Paravan actively participates in the establishment of these rules and is responsible for education at Slovak universities as well.

Peter Csemez

managing director

Makes decisions, signs documents and calls people.

+421 908 999 999

Peter Řehánek

sales director, google guru

Understands Google like nobody else. Drinks coffee and hands out business cards.

+421 905 333 373

Lukáš Sitár

web analytics specialist

Google Analytics is his second home. He setups, analyses, controls and optimises.

0907 653 318

Barbora Ďurišová

Barbora Ďurišová

performance & reporting

Reports what she can and breathes life into our working environment.

+421 904 796 912

Jakub Bielik

account & performance

Forwards, explains and optimizes.

+421 902 286 991

Martin Šimo

data analyst

Sees stuff in numbers that nobody else has ever dreamt of.

+421 907 157 235

Roland Bohunický

account, performance & reporting

Excels in analyses and analyses in Excel.

+421 904 701 766

Pavlína Glváčová

Pavlína Glváčová

accountant & back office

Sees all our cards at all times. When we run out of them, she orders more.

+421 2 3219 9005

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